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" Your Open Direct Sales Ecosystem "

Yodse - is a decentralized global ecosystem that directly connects manufacturers and customers of manufactured goods.

Thousands of manufacturers of the industrial group of goods will get an access to the global market with the help of Yodse.

Small and medium - sized businesses will have the opportunity to bring their products to global markets and to compete with the manufacturing giants in the field of industrial goods.

End users of the industrial group of goods will be able to purchase goods at the lowest prices directly from manufacturers seeking to reduce the level of risks, receiving high-quality technical support from manufacturers of industrial products, as well as a convenient established service for the shipment of goods with guaranteed delivery through data processing owing to smart contracts and blockchain technologies.

Our mission
Bring together interests, erasing borders and distances for customers and manufacturers in real economy, increasing efficiency, business processes transparency with the use of blockchain technologies.

Benefits to consumers
1) Minimum labor costs associated with the search for a lower price.
2) A wide range of high quality goods with a direct guarantee from a manufacturer.
3) Transparent and safe transactions through the smart contracts.
4) Saving of time and money, minimization of risks and losses due to the absence of intermediaries.
5) Customer loyalty owing to the customer-oriented manufacturers.
6) Direct communication and technical support from product manufacturers.
7)Fast delivery time, excluding intermediaries.
Start Date May 20 , 2018
End Date Jul 30 , 2018

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