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Virtual Universe (VU) ICO

" VU is a next generation, epic game in Virtual Reality. "

This multiplayer game allows users to connect with their friends and embark on emotionally-engaging grand adventures in a living world that is persistent, social and rewarding. The adventure has multiple story arcs that surprise and delight players for the life of the game.

A user can choose to simply experience the adventure, or they can help create it. Becoming part of VU is rewarding and easy for gamers and non-gamers alike. Whether the user is in the game or not, the universe and storyline continues moving forward.

VU is part game, part social network, and part social creation platform. It blends elements of Minecraft, Second Life and Simcity with innovative artificial-intelligence technologies that drive engagement.

To create the most realistic and convincing forms of interaction, VU uses patent-pending engagement technologies that modify experiences in real-time based upon data from the player and input from elements in the experience.

Total supply of tokens

Token Distribution

Token Sale: 45%
User Growth: 20%
VU Team: 15%
Presale: 15%
Partners: 4%
Bounty: 1%

ICO price of token
1 ETH = 6,000 VU
1 VU = 0.000167 ETH

Price of Token

ETH address

Presale Discounts

Phase 1
30,000,000 VU tokens: 25% bonus

Phase 2
40,000,000 VU tokens: 15% bonus

Phase 3
80,000,000 VU tokens: 5% bonus

Minimum sales target including pre-sale
No minimum established

Sales cap
100,000 ETH (cryptocurrency) & 600,000,000 VU (tokens)

Minimum purchase amount
No minimum

Maximum purchase amount per buyer
No maximum

Excluded Countries
US, Canada, China

Additional Company Success-related Rewards
No such rewards
Start Date Jul 01 , 2018
End Date Sep 30 , 2018

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