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Fund Platform (fundplatform.io) is a European IT company headquartered in Latvia that provides infrastructure services to the Internet investment funds since 2015. Client office for Asia is to be opened soon.

The major product of Fund Platform is 'Deep Green’, a comprehensive suite of inter-connected applications that, as an aggregate, form an innovative marketplace for the cyber-economy and help the clients sell and buy funds in a secure, high load resistant and affordable way. The engine of Fund Platform is based on NEM, a technology that is inherently scalable and free from the issues that are typical for other blockchains. Fund Platform provides trustworthy and responsible scoring for investment vehicles listed.

In our opinion, Fund Platform business model is similar to eBay. Fund Platform provides a global market place for retail and mid-size buyers and sellers of cyber-assets of all kinds. The team of Fund Platform underpins the idea of ‘mirroring’ the proven business models and implementing them in the crypto economy.

At the moment, Fund Platform features MVP and a number of early-bird clients. We made a ‘test drive’ of MVP and found it user-friendly in terms of the interface and well-organised logic-wise.

Fund Platform closed a round of seed and VC investments in 2017 and since then has deployed a team from a reputable top-tier international strategy consultancy of MBB caliber.

Fund Platform launched its ICO on April 3, 2018.
Start Date Apr 03 , 2018
End Date May 03 , 2018

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