Apr 09, 2018 Why Paygine Deserves Your Trust

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Why Paygine Deserves Your Trust

As any other member of the crypto community, we keep up to date with the latest ICO & Cryptocurrency news. One of the recent cases — and, sadly, not the first one — we have paid special attention to was the story about an ICO team selling their reserved tokens; expectedly, the token’s value dropped twice.

Despite their enormous popularity, or rather due to their popularity, ICOs are a risky business for investors. So, the question is, how to avoid ICO scams? There are plenty of guides to doing that online, that is why we are not going to sell you another one. What we will do is tell you about the signs of a project’s trustworthiness and illustrate it by the example of Paygine.

We don’t want you to simply trust us — quite the opposite, we challenge you to check our every word and make your own due diligence, as you should do with any other project.

1) To begin with, it is crucial to look at the company’s background and reputation. Kirill Radchenko, our CEO, is a co-founder of the UK company Pay Engine LTD, which owns the Best2Pay brand. We haven’t just popped up out of the blue, our company has been operating since 2012: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08038774.

Our brand Best2Pay is one of the leading payment gateways in Eastern Europe. Currently, Best2Pay services are used by more than 1.5 million unique customers every month. Its clients include more than 60 banking institutions, 1000+ merchants, and over 6 M private individuals. Best2Pay operates on a white label model only: we develop a product which is then used by banks and merchants under their own brand. You can check out Best2Pay partners here: https://www.best2pay.net/partners/?lang=en. It is worth mentioning that all successful Best2Pay solutions were used as the basis for the Paygine platform in order to build the easiest and safest solution for integrating cryptocurrency into your business.

2) The Paygine company is registered in Delaware, USA, with its head office located in New York (check here: https://icis.corp.delaware.gov/Ecorp/EntitySearch/NameSearch.aspx).What does that mean? All our activities fall under SEC (The United States Securities and Exchange Commission) regulation, which means we are obliged to meet all the Commission’s requirements.

If we decided to violate its rules, say, by selling all the team’s tokens on the exchange or burning PGC leftovers right after the crowdsale, that is try to manipulate the market in any conceivable way, we would be subject to criminal prosecution, let alone would have our projects shut down. Check our SEC registration here: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1724831/000172483117000002/0001724831-17-000002-index.htm.

3) Understanding who is on the team behind an ICO project is perhaps the most important step in your due diligence. All members of the Paygine team are 100% open and public. We are real people, not some actors. You can easily verify our identities and contact us directly on LinkedIn:

Kirill Radchenko


Mikhail Luposhtyan


Maxim Neshcheret


Raniya Luposhtyan


Alexander Petrov


Arina Shulga


Azat Nougumanov


Anastasia Klimenko


Djibril Diallo


Buyanmunkh Volodya


Salah Abci


4) If you have already checked the links above, you can see that our team has enough experience to develop and promote the claimed product. We believe our track record and experience to be an extra reason to contribute to the Paygine ICO.

5) One of the key steps for the implementation of our project’s first stage is buying banking and financial institutions. Therefore, we only accept applications from the participants who went through the KYC verification and, in the case of US citizens, from accredited investors only. All these things are done to protect the company’s reputation and ensure that we are doing business legally. Besides, it helps to filter out malicious individuals.

And finally, almost every week we attend various fintech and crypto events where you can meet us in person and ask whatever you want to know.

If you would like to share your ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. You can leave your feedback via the Contact Form on our website https://paygine.com/ or in our Telegram community chat (https://t.me/Paygine_official).

Get the latest news and updates on the Paygine project:

Contact Person: Krill
Company Website: https://paygine.com/
Email: kirill@paygine.com

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