Apr 06, 2018 Introducing Crowd Machine, the Company Whose Technology Will Revolutionize the Blockchain Industry; Public Token Sale Now Open!

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Introducing Crowd Machine, the Company Whose Technology Will Revolutionize the Blockchain Industry; Public Token Sale Now Open!

It may be that no introduction is necessary - Crowd Machine, despite only having exited stealth mode in November 2017, has already made a name for itself as a leader in the blockchain industry.

Its technology is already in use by Fortune 500 companies; its adoption by the crypto/blockchain community will foster growth and reduce the time to market for new innovations; and its own token sale recently opened to the public (sale portal here), having made a strong showing in private sales among accredited investors including Charlie Shrem, a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Let’s Talk Tech

Crowd Machine’s technology has been years in the making, and its use by companies such as General Electric, AON Hewitt, and KONE serves as a proof point that it will be a key player in bringing blockchain to the mainstream. As more and more industries look to blockchain to solve their problems and move their sectors forward, Crowd Machine’s easy to use interface and complex “under the hood” specs make it an ideal solution.

So what exactly does Crowd Machine do? There are three core components that make up their offering, and each confers benefits to not only the companies that use them (both traditional and crypto/blockchain-focused), but also the community they are committed to supporting and rewarding.

By using the Crowd App Studio, companies can create blockchain and decentralized apps at up to 45x the speed of traditional methods, using natural language instead of complicated coding structures. Even complex apps can be created without writing a line of code, and the platform is blockchain agnostic, and allows for cross-blockchain smart contract construction and execution. This cutting-edge technology helps to solve for the shortage of developers who can meet the enterprise needs for decentralized and blockchain apps, and allows companies to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape and deliver solutions that will benefit their customers.

Further, the Crowd App Studio will soon be open for public use. Have a great idea for an app, but lack the technical know-how to make it happen? Keep an eye out - the solution already exists, and will be available shortly.

Perks to Joining the Crowd

Crowd Machine’s other two products will also directly reward their community, and further the company’s vision of a world where anyone can participate in and benefit from a global network of developers and devices building a brighter future.

While the Crowd App Studio interface requires no coding to create blockchain and decentralized apps, skilled developers can contribute to the underlying source code in Crowd Share, which is a robust GitHub-like repository where app creators can post code for app components. Every time that code is executed in an app, the original author is compensated, whether it’s one time or a million.

But you don’t have to be a coder or app creator to participate - in fact, you can play an important role in democratizing the internet as we know it. Crowd Machine’s Crowd Computer, which is planned for release in early 2019, will give device owners across the globe the ability to monetize their unused processing power to run the decentralized apps built in the Crowd App Studio. Devices that would otherwise not be in use can fuel the insatiable growth of and demand for processing and storage capabilities, and this will provide a convenient avenue for almost anyone in the world to participate in the global economy.

How does this work today? Right now, huge corporations like AWS, Oracle, and Microsoft run giant data centers, which can lead to huge problems when something goes awry - remember that day “half the internet” went down? Single point of failure issues are inherent in these setups, and they leave critical applications vulnerable. A decentralized network like the Crowd Computer keeps things running, and disperses the profits too.

Embraced by the Blockchain & Crypto Community

Crowd Machine is making a name for itself in the traditional business world, bringing legitimacy to the blockchain industry, but it is also helping to lift up other companies to do the same.

Some of their recent partnerships include:

  • Polymath, which will be utilizing Crowd Machine’s technology to enable companies to seamlessly transform financial securities into blockchain tokens, helping countless companies bring their innovations to market and raise capital. This will allow Polymath’s ecosystem to grow and operate with greater efficiency and security.

  • Youbi Capital, an investment firm that specializes in projects that will advance the blockchain ecosystem, was particularly drawn to Crowd Machine’s smart contract auto-generation feature. Youbi Capital sees Crowd Machine as essential to solving the issues of scalability, security, and interoperability needed to accelerate the mass-adoption of blockchain technologies.

  • Game Loot Network, a leading mobile social gaming platform, is using Crowd Machine’s platform to create a blockchain-enabled extension to their existing Loot Hub product. By using Crowd Machine’s system, Game Loot Network can bring their extension to market at an accelerated rate, because of the inherent efficiencies in the Crowd Machine platform.

You Didn’t Just Hear it From Us:

“Partnering with Crowd Machine gives us a competitive advantage, in that their offering will allow companies to execute more quickly and efficiently than they would otherwise. Without a doubt, Crowd Machine will help our ecosystem grow and function more effectively to create an environment where innovative projects have what they need for successful token launches.” - Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath

“Crowd Machine is building truly innovative blockchain development tools and a decentralized app ecosystem for the vertical integration of all blockchains. Crowd Machine is going to be one of the engines that drive the growth of decentralized applications this year. It is ahead of its competitors with a working product and paying customers. Crowd Machine’s smart contract auto-generation feature will make it much easier to create smart contracts for all common blockchain networks. It will significantly lower the technical barriers to entry in blockchain so more developers can contribute to the blockchain ecosystem.” - Herbert Zhang, YouBi Capital’s Co-Chief Investment Officer

“We knew that in order to realize our vision for extending and tokenizing the Loot Hub, we needed a best-in-class partner and technology platform. The partnership with Crowd Machine will help us to significantly accelerate our plans for this project. We are excited to not only gain access to their very impressive platform but also to their substantial expertise in blockchain and decentralized app development.” - Lance Baker, founder and President of Game Loot Network

Want Even More Information?

Visit the Crowd Machine website, and check out their FAQs and whitepaper while you’re there!

You can also click the link to their sales portal below for a firsthand look at their work in action - it was built using the Crowd Machine platform, in just a matter of weeks (the blink of an eye in this space!), and in case you wonder where the smart contract is, it’s built in seamlessly on the backend. Quite a feat!

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Company Website: https://www.crowdmachine.com
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