YouTube Crypto Influencer Launching Bitcoin-Funded Series

YouTube Crypto Influencer Launching Bitcoin-Funded Series

Modern digital currency YouTuber and investor Jason Appleton is launching a TV show that is to be supported uniquely by Bitcoin. Appleton, who goes by the name Crypto Crow on YouTube, will air his 13-episode Crypto Crow Show on CBS, the CW, and Roku, with estimations suggesting an audience of higher than 47 million households.

The Crypto Crow Show will originally air in selected businesses to test whether it can produce enough viewer interest. Should it prove victorious, it will go national under a deal Appleton has confirmed with CBS Television Networks.

The official statement reads:

“This will be the first point a cryptocurrency Youtuber has launched their television series fully compensated for by Bitcoin. All promotional sponsors, features and the related are paid by Bitcoin.”

The first season will premiere on June 25, transferring audiences in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta, and Tampa Bay. Additionally, it will be possible to some 30 million households through the Roku streaming service.

“Each event will highlight educational information directed on helping newcomers to the crypto space such as researching, investing and how to stay secure in their applications while featuring ICO and cryptocurrency businesses and how they influence the industry,” the statement continued.

The episodes are fully prepared and will touch on issues such as the nature of digital currencies, exchange trading, ICO (initial coin offerings), cryptocurrency security, swing trading, bot trading for profits, crypto market predictions, crypto cycles and crashes, virtual currency mining versus investing, and the prospect of digital assets.

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Appleton gained popularity and confirmed himself as a dominant online influencer when he launched his Crypto Show on Youtube in November 2017. His subscriber base exceeded 70,000 in just 3 months.

Crypto TV for the masses

We recently reported on another TV venture looking to retain investors and the general public acquainted about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. In February, early-stage venture capital firm Krypton Capital declared the launch of Crypto TV – a channel aiming to serve the requirements of the crypto community and the fintech sector.


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