XRP Tip Bot creator says he got into XRP after watching an interview of Ripple’s CTO

XRP Tip Bot creator says he got into XRP after watching an interview of Ripple’s CTO

The XRP Tip Bot creator Wietse Wind newly spoke on 51percent Crypto Research podcast where he discussed why XRP enamors him. He further spoke on how he got ignited into the crypto-space and was inspired to build the Tip Bot.

Wietse told that he got into the crypto space in 2010 or 2011 when there wasn’t much hype regarding it. He stated that he found out about the blockchain technology when he started mining on his computer. He said:

“And then it wasn’t continuously 2016 when I saw an interview of David Schwartz, Ripple’s CTO, and assumed it was kind of interesting. So I looked into the technology and noticed it was straightforward to get started with if you are a web developer or someone who programs in his extra time or know some JavaScript.”

He stated that he started with just a few lines of code and that he kept coding and giving the open source, creating XRPL projects.

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Wietse replied that he is enamored with XRP over every other cryptocurrency frequently because of how the technology following XRP is set up. According to him, it is easy for web developers to develop real-world applications, where it a little business or a large one.

He continued to the above stating:

“I think a few things are necessary for both developers and the users. It [implementing XRP technology] needs to be fast; it requires to be cheap. It needs to be simple to implement the technology in apps, but more in browsers…which is well really the core of XRP.”

Wietse continued to say that with XRP, one does not have to download the whole history of the blockchain to communicate with it. Without any dependencies, one can connect and start reading or sending messages or transacting, he said. He told that there are other cryptocurrencies with similar functionalities but XRP’s transaction time is about 4 seconds and “that’s the kind of time a customer is willing to wait for confirmation.”

Wietse announced that he was already programming and combining with the XRP ledger and that he had published a few short pieces of codes on GitHub. He stated that he created TipBot with the templates available on XRP ledger and posted it on November on Reddit. He further continued:

“And then a few months later the Reddit community kinda began tipping each other, so I kept on developing, and I think by now over 70,000 tips are sent and about a 100,000, XRP.”

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