Which is most usable Cryptocurrency?

Which is most usable Cryptocurrency?

According to financial experts, it is possible to cryptocurrency as money at vast places from pizzas to shoes.

But precisely the question is Which is most usable Cryptocurrency? Well, the answer is Bitcoin because it's accepted more like any other cryptocurrency. But as far as cryptocurrencies are growing, other currencies are now recognized by companies. 

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54 significant companies accept cryptocurrencies for the payment according to the Virtual Coin Squad, but the real number is quite higher, only two of them such as 
MazeFit (sportswear) and Shiny Leaf (cosmetics) — don't accept Bitcoin. The other 53 – including Microsoft, Expedia, Mozilla, and Shopify – all accept BTC, while 25 accept Litecoin, 13 accept Ethereum, 14 accept Bitcoin Cash, 12 accept Monero, and 15 accept Dogecoin. In other words, Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

Bitcoin is not only accepted by that 55 companies, but there are thousands of companies that accept Bitcoin as payment. 

The community manager at the SatoshiLabs States:"If I can speak for Prague and the Czech Republic, we have been witnessing wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Places that have accepted Bitcoin before started accepting Litecoin or Ethereum. There are even ATMs which offer Bitcoin Cash. Though, Bitcoin is still dominant —  it is the cryptocurrency that gets implemented first."

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