Vitalik responds to comments about crypto reaching a ceiling

Vitalik responds to comments about crypto reaching a ceiling

Vitalik Buterin has reacted to the criticism from crypto traders about his recent Bloomberg interview where he says " There isn’t an occasion for yet another 1,000-times growth in anything in the space anymore."

Buterin has reacted on Twitter to the analysis obtained due to his interview on Bloomberg. 



Buterin states that he doesn't understand crypto prices will soar 1000x as this would make up $200 trillion in market cap. Though, he explains that he did not say that there is no room for extension. 



Buterin reports his statement to the fact that large portions of the population have learned of crypto and to see more growth in the industry; actual usage needs to be performed and not merely attention. 



Buterin ends his rant by saying that for 1000x gains; the industry needs to focus on choice and real-world usage and not only price. 



Buterin believes crypto has the potential to do 1000x if we can create real-world use cases and choice and not merely focus on making the hype and thought to projects. 

TRON founder Justin Sun returned to Vitalik comments saying that he thinks cryptocurrencies will be deserving $10 trillion market cap.



Even the Binance founder CZ had something to say regarding Vitalik response to the recent criticism.



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