TrueUSD: A Stable Blockchain Based Cryptocurrency

TrueUSD: A Stable Blockchain Based Cryptocurrency

After the birth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, The Possibility of replacing the fiat currencies are going high. Some People say it is never going to happen, and some say it will happen but it can take some years.

As we all know that the transfer of cryptocurrency is straightforward, but in our daily life for purchasing our household accessories we are using fiat currencies, and we are not trying to improve it.

What is TrueUSD and how to use it?



TrueUSD is a Stable coin ( It is a blockchain based cryptocurrency whose value is stable such as gold, gas or any other fiat currencies ) such as Teather or USDT.
The Official also states: “We wanted a simple, stable coin, without the need to trust [a] company’s hidden bank account or special algorithm.”
If you want to buy TrueUSD, You have to KYC first. After completion of KYC, you can trade TrueUSD’s Tokens. It is built for financial services, fast trading, Overall we can say that TrueUSD is a stable project

After Bittrex acquires it, you can change Teather to TrueUSD with ease.

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