Top ICOs to watch out for August 2018.

Top ICOs to watch out for August 2018.
Aug 09, 2018 01:23 PM By: Art Vasquez | 6091 Views

Here is the list of ICOs to watch out for this August

U Run It (PreICO) ICO​​​​​​​

New era in gambling industry is coming.
At the beginning of 2017 online gambling market was evaluated at $44.16 billion, by the end of the same year it grew to $47.4 billion. Estimated market capacity in 2018 is $52 billion and it’s expected to reach $81.7 billion by 2022. It is obvious that the market has an immense potential.
The problem, however, is that the rules of the gambling business have remained unchanged for centuries. No doubt, casinos and other providers constantly try to attract new clients with new gimmicks: rewards, bonuses, prizes, beautiful images, etc. Technologies change as well: from simple wooden tables and slot machines, to online games, and newest block-chain technology.

TIP Blockchain ICO

Powering mass adoption of cryptocurrency through discovery of information on the blockchain. Short usernames as smart addresses, search and find users and businesses by usernames, cryptocurrency point of sale system for merchants - all built on the 1st indexed and fully searchable blockchain. 

Zerostate ICO

ZeroState is the world’s first emotional intelligence platform. It helps advertisers around the world increase the loyalty of their customers by analyzing their emotional involvement.
ZeroState is based on a mobile app that allows its users to review a product in one word.
Advertisers buy ZSC to launch an advertising campaign via the app. Their aim is to get feedback from customers, attract their attention and increase sales.


We are licensed money institution in EU with over 100+ team members on a working product. ENTRY is aim to be gateway between traditional and new financial paradigms and systems led by cryptocurrencies and empower the financial ecosystem. Blockchain - based platform acts as a bank by offering easy deposits, payment and lending services, cross-border payments, ATM facility/convenient withdrawals also as a cryptocurrency exchange for the business and consumer world.

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