Top Bitcoin Holders in the World

Top Bitcoin Holders in the World
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Answering that mystery is difficult. Bitcoin, first of all, is not recognized or issued by any government, entity or person. It is the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto, who some consider isn't even a real person and is, preferably, a group of people.With the beginning of the block-chain cryptocurrency Bitcoin, many people want to know: Who owns Bitcoin and how much? Icolancer presents who has the most bitcoins in the world.Below are the details of top Bitcoin holders in the world

Top Bitcoin Holders in the world : 

1) Satoshi Nakamoto 

Also known as the mysterious creator of the Bitcoin. The bitcoin community understands that the richest and the holder of most bitcoins is the inventor itself because of his engagement and getting the concept and it is this person who manages the moving of the bitcoins in the systems and plans changes in the market. Many cases also suggest that he had put his coins in different wallets as stacks of 50  bitcoins instead of a single wallet this way remained If there is lose or hacking of the let not all money is lost. His bitcoin capital amounts up to $1.1 billion.

2) Ross Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht is famously connected to be the sinister problem child In the Bitcoin community.This was first of a kind matter where he was convicted to life imprisonments for money laundering and plotting to sell drugs and illegal hacking.He had formed a black market for the sale of drugs famously associated as Silk Road.The FBI then shut down the Silk Road and brought into custody over 144,000 bitcoins 

3) Roger Ver

Roger Ver is famously remembered as the Bitcoin God as he is the first of the few people who very openly advocate and promote the use of Bitcoin. He is also assumed to be the first of its kind involving a Bitcoin start-up investor.He earlier had a name in the industries world and according to him his earnings after the Bitcoin has increased significantly.Roger Ver also donates millions to a charity. 

4) Charlie Sherm

Charlie Sherm is a very powerful name in the Bitcoin world. This is enough to the reason that he brought Bitcoin at a cheap rate he was younger and began a company called 'Bitinstant' .But, in December 2014, he was encumbered with laundering money to the black market and association with the Silk Road.

5) Dave Clarkson

He is one of the most powerful Bitcoin miners and he also utilized this expertise into a company called mega big power from his wall and in early 2016 it was stated that the company made a big 8 million per month. 

6) Jared Kenna

Jared Kenna was a former U.S. marine and stated to have got into Bitcoin trading when it was as low as 20 cents. He took a risk and spent large amounts in this currency which made off and made him remarkably wealthy enough to start his numerous businesses and encourage the new ones 

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7) Tony Gallipi

He is the founder of Bitpay.Many companies have invested in this venture and this is one of it's  good because of the understanding the company has with major retailers. His net value is supposed to be around 20 million dollar .

8) Winklevoss twins 

This pair is famously recognized for their legal battle with the Facebook founder Mr.Mark Zuckerberg.  But, in the Bitcoin community, they are assumed to have consolidated net value of around 3000-4000 million because of some investments 

9) Yifu Guo 

Yifu Guo was a student of the great NYU University and is considered as one of the greatest creators in the bitcoin community because of his purpose-built Bitcoin miner.His invention was so successful that within the first few months it produced revenue of over hundred dollars.

10) Gaven Anderson

Gavem Anderson is firmly associated with the creators and is supposed to be the only person which has way to the source code of Bitcoin.He was awarded over 200,000 for his community and excellent contribution to the company Bitcoin 

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