Russia Supreme Court order Prosecutor’s office to pay over $2K to crypto news site

Russia Supreme Court order Prosecutor’s office to pay over $2K to crypto news site

The Russia Supreme Court requires a prosecutor’s office to pay a fine of 150,000 Rubles or about $2,275 to a local cryptocurrency data site. 

The story started when a prosecutor in St. Petersburg deemed that a local cryptocurrency news site, notably conducted a crime for spreading information regarding cryptocurrency.

Using the illegal reasons, the office arranged to block the website that translated articles regarding cryptocurrency, blockchain, and fintech, claiming that the content was “dangerous” and upon the Central Bank of Russia.

The website owner, Nikolay Tonkoshkurov determined to take a legal action to hold his website from the blockade, as described by Bitsonline.

And eventually, after two years of legal battle, the Russia Supreme Court determined two earlier verdicts as unfair and canceled them, besides also managing the prosecutor’s office to pay a fine to Tonkoshkurov.

The tonkoshkurov legal team stated, “After the court order cancellation in September 2018, there was a second repetition of the case hearings. There, the Prosecutor’s Office agreed that their weak position and unacceptable desires wouldn’t play out.”

The team also stated that the prosecutor’s office decided to “silently escape, but disappointed,” without mentioning the statement more.

Such an arrangement is said to be unprecedented in Russia, where authorities are still slightly next cryptocurrency and its players.

Digital Rights lawyers, Sarkis Darbinyan and Kate Abashina suspect this case can be a sole basis for any future claims, by saying, “Now, the prosecutors will think twice ere filing half-baked or evidence-free claims that cost internet businesses and their clients.”

Tonkoshkurov stated he would use the property to pay all the incurring cost through the lengthy legal battle, which he expected to have cost him 234,000 Rubles or around $3,500 for the legal team only.

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