Role of administration in Cryptocurrencies Space

Role of administration in Cryptocurrencies Space

The Equity Market already defined the shareholder structures for the investor. By these structures the administration system that protects investor with the spammer executives from run berserk with the organization. But in the case of cryptocurrencies, this is already being shielded from the same lapse. The example of an administration gone wrong within cryptocurrencies is DAO hack.

Just take an example, the investors of bitcoin were the only audience in the drama that changed in a form to its blockchain and that were resulted a new cryptocurrency. Tezos, a cryptocurrency formed to solve administration issues through the on-chain voting system, become confused after a lawsuit filed against its founders. Some technical problems are also there in the absence of administration systems.

Philipp Hacker (an investigator who wrote a paper on corporate administration in cryptocurrencies) said “At an individual level, the real monetary value is at stake, which in turn gives rise to investor and payment protection concerns,”

According to him, the investor of cryptocurrency is similar to the company shareholder because they are directly affected by protocol change in blockchain world.

Additionally investor security, the administration system can also solve internal change management processes. This means that where can be used to develop a decentralized instance, a key cri du cœur that applied to the development of bitcoin.

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