Report: India’s Ruling Political Party Supposedly Involved in $763 Million Bitcoin Scam

Report: India’s Ruling Political Party Supposedly Involved in $763 Million Bitcoin Scam
Jul 06, 2018 03:00 PM By: Art Vasquez | 4796 Views

India’s controlling government, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was sued by former rulers Congress for a bitcoin scam amounting to  ₹50 billion ($763 million) surfaced in the land of Gujarat.

Expected to Cross $12 Billion

As described by local news NDTV on July 6, a few Congress leaders from Gujarat demanded a Supreme Court attack in the matter after stories emerged of BJP leaders involved in unlawful cryptocurrency pursuits.
A spokesperson for the Congress party, Shaktisinh Gohil, named it a “multi-layered” scam and thought the total haul could cross over Rs. 88,000 crores ($12 billion). Still, the latter number would mean ten percent of bitcoin’s total market cap.

Gohil appended:

“A new mega bitcoin scam has been unraveled in Gujarat. The finger of suspicion of this massive scam of illegal cryptocurrency directly points to several top Bharatiya Janata Party leaders and a mastermind — an absconding BJP leader and former MLA Nalin Kotadiya.”

The pioneer cryptocurrency continues an illegal tender in India and is glowered upon by controls. But, the large number of cryptocurrency scams happening in the country lately makes a perfect idea why they have levied such a stranglehold prohibition.

When, Gohil opposed the scam to a “Pandora’s box” and said, “illegal hawala transactions, kidnappings, extortion of cryptocurrency using CBI/police/government authorities at the behest of top BJP leaders in Gujarat is a norm.”

Researchers scrutinized Bhatt’s offices and later got the police involved in maintaining the builder in extorting bitcoins. Then, the action was taken upon several officials including state police officers head Jagdish Patel.
India’s Central Intelligence Department (CID) then found one Nalin Kotadiya, who scored the illegal acts with various parties.

But, Gohil holds the currently-absconding Kotadiya’s bust “will reveal damning evidence which will expose top BJP leaders in the state.” He moreover claimed the scams as a state-backed plan to convert “black” money into “white.”

While the BJP dismissed all charge against its police authority in Gujarat and called the article “an attempt by the opposition party’s “dirty tricks department” to spread confusion and lies.”

 Anil Baluni a BJP spokesperson recorded:

“The Congress was laughable, and nothing can be more unfortunate than this as it is the state police which has cracked the case and acted against several persons.”

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