Ransomware attack on Malaysian media firm demands 1000 BTC

Ransomware attack on Malaysian media firm demands 1000 BTC

A major media group in Malaysia has been hit with a ransomware attack. The hackers are demanding 1000 Bitcoin (BTC), worth around $6.45 million, to let Media Prima have access its servers again.

Media Prima currently operates a huge variety of media-related businesses in television, print, radio, out-of-home advertising, content, and digital media. It owns and operates four free-to-air television stations as well as radio stations and newspapers.

The group has been unable to access its email servers since last Thursday, according to The Edge. When pressed for more details, Media Prima was unwilling to answer questions about any possible data breaches or if a police report has been filed. According to one source, the firm's "office email was affected, but we have migrated to G Suite. They (the attackers) demanded bitcoins, but we are not paying". 

Ransomware attacks often ask for payment in cryptocurrencies, due to their anonymity. The major WannaCry attack by North Korean hackers in 2017 demanded Bitcoin worth up to $600. Although cybersecurity teams are usually capable of restoring order, ransomware attacks are sometimes successful. Local government in one small Canadian town was recently forced to pay out BTC to get its systems up and running again.

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