Future of NEO Coin | NEO Price Prediction | NEO Price Prediction 2018

Future of NEO Coin | NEO Price Prediction | NEO Price Prediction 2018
Aug 17, 2018 05:21 PM By: Art Vasquez | 5429 Views

Investors are thinking more on NEO there are several questions arises on NEO Prediction such as

  • Is it right time to Buy NEO?
  • Will NEO hit 100 USD in a year?
  • Will, it can crash?
  • NEO predictions 2018.
  • What is the Future of NEO?
  • Will NEOCoin Price fall?
  • Will NEO Price Grow?
  • What is the NEO market cap?
  • What is NEO Price prediction?
  • What is NEO price today? and many more.

In the early cases if you invested $100 on NEO in July 2017, when the price was about $6/token. Then your investment has gone up to $2700 in January 2017, around 2600% growth/return.

Here are some critical points of historical growth of NEO

NEO's Da Hongfei: "Probably need a hard fork or new Genesis block for NEO 3.0"

China is one of the biggest markets in the cryptocurrency, and NEO is a blockchain based application developed in China and under the trust of China govt. Which makes it more popular.

We know about the popularity of Ethereum, and it is growing day by day. NEO did the same thing as Ethereum. If we talk about accurate neo price prediction 2018, it is a tough task.
If we talk about a forecast for 2020 then we can say that cryptocurrency is highly unpredictable in the short run so how can we predict for that.

NEO gains the support of the Chinese Government even they are against cryptocurrency, and they are always planning to ban cryptocurrency, but neo is treated positively by them



If we talk technical advantage of NEO

Ethereum is based on solidity to code smart-contracts of it is confusing for developers. But NEO is built in Java, Python, C++, etc. are these made it favorite for developers.

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