Monero’s [XMR] Riccardo Spagni in blazing fires over an offensive Tweet!

Monero’s [XMR] Riccardo Spagni in blazing fires over an offensive Tweet!
Jun 17, 2018 04:11 PM By: Art Vasquez | 8026 Views

At Twitter as @fluffypony, Monero’s Project Lead Riccardo Spagni has shown ridicule over a recent tweet by an apparent Bitcoin Cash supporter named TheLegendaryTwatter. An Open Mystery is a Twitter account that shares unlawful stories of pedophilia and sex offenders from Hollywood with an aim to expose the fact.

Newly, when the account posted the tale of a psychopath and pedophile Peter Scully, TheLegendaryTwatter responded with a defamatory remark, tagging and targeting Magical Crypto in it.

AnOpenSecret’s tweet

Magical Crypto is a series and YouTube channel for the same, that runs episodes on various crypto-related topics. The chain does it uniquely; the introduction of the series is animated and includes cartoons.

TheLegendaryTwatter’s explanation

 Riccardo Spagni, by his tweet, has shot at Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver in answer to the controversial act, and has posted:

“Hey @rogerkver, reign your dog in. Stating that we could be involved in these disgusting acts because our podcast has a cartoon intro, is beyond the pale. I have tried to treat Bitcoin Cash proponents with dignity, but if this is the treatment, we get then I cannot.”

To which, SpArk, a Bitcoin patron took a stand and replied:

“Not sure what dignity you are referring to, you make every small opportunity to say something negative about #BitcoinCash Community, anyway, bring it on @fluffypony

You can't blame @a3456gf for coming to this conclusion, ur a part of a #MagicalCreepyFriends.”

Spagni responded with:

“I pushed to make sure that @GlobeeCom was the first payment gateway to accept Bitcoin Cash, and we supported the new address format early on. I’ve made a concerted effort to engage users and NOT to call it BCash, even on the show. Your opinion is incorrect and nonsensical.”

While those micro-conflicts are expected to go on, it shows the tension between different crypto enthusiasts from time to time. Monero’s negative news coverage of irregular malware-backed mining has made the current crisis more controversial.

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