Manila residents paid in Ethereum for helping to clean up the beaches

Manila residents paid in Ethereum for helping to clean up the beaches
Dec 01, 2018 06:59 PM By: Ben Noble | 2536 Views

Residents of Philippines’s capital city, Manila, will be given in Ethereum in exchange for their cooperation in soaking up the region’s most contaminated beaches, CCN states.

The payment will be enabled within a dApp called Bounties Network that serves on the Ethereum blockchain. It also works as a stage for the accomplishment of tasks. Moreover, the dApp allows anyone on the platform to set a bonus and compensation for other members using ETH.

Joseph Lubin, co-creator of Ethreum and chief administrator of ConsenSys, stated:

“In Manila, members will be rewarded in ETH for giving a few hours cleaning up one of the most densely polluted beaches in the world. Bounties Network and ConsenSys Impact are showing a new model where people fund makes directly without intermediaries.”

If the platform performed using fiat currency instead, it would be a nearly impossible task given the high fees imposed during transfers. Additionally, in the case of global shipments, the method could take as long as 14 days. Instead, every member is awarded 0.03 ETH once they have finished a task.

Additionally, ConsenSys subsidiary, ConsenSys Impact, newly launched a non-profit enterprise called Bounties for the Oceans: Philippines Pilot – Sustained, Verified Plastic Cleanups to support the use of blockchain and help clean up the scene.

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