Kucoin customer support gets Reddit users' vote of confidence

Kucoin customer support gets Reddit users' vote of confidence

Not often is it probable to find anything fundamentally good to talk about when the head of cryptocurrency exchanges and their customer service comes up? Most men in the business feel like this is an area that businesses don't pay enough attention to. However, Reddit users have stated their content with recent dealing with KuCoin exchange.

Kucoin exchange currently ranks at #56 about daily volume, with just over $15.5m in daily trades. Reddit users lately acknowledged their affection and appreciation to the Kucoin customer support team who have supported them most recently.

The vote of faith shouldn't come as a shock; however in the cryptocurrency space and especially with smaller exchanges, often customer service is a real query. Customer service concerns within the industry keep credit for being useless.

Last year ere the actual bull run began, the #1 go-to cryptocurrency exchange then was Poloniex, who declined to offer any customer support as sales picked up and user account registrations rose. Customers quickly passed on to the failing trade and took the ship to Bittrex which held the top place before Binance broke onto the scene. Poloniex has since been acquired out and stepped up their game. But, the market now sits in $39 position about trading volume.

A Reddit tape titled "shoutout to Kucoin" from the user 'xTremeSwag' tells about how he was assisted with an inaccurate deposit and "returned my funds very quickly." The user's thread was met with other cases of men being assisted on the exchange.

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