Korea's biggest startups look to integrate blockchain to 10 million subscribers

Korea's biggest startups look to integrate blockchain to 10 million subscribers
Oct 11, 2018 11:20 PM By: Art Vasquez | 2642 Views

Korea's top startup corporations are looking to combine into blockchain ecosystems to assist them in carrying value to over 10 million supporters, according to Business Korea.

Various startups have partnered with blockchain ecosystems to converge on cryptocurrency payment arrangements including Baemin, a food distribution service app. Baemin has followed blockchain project, Terra. Terra is a cryptocurrency payment platform, watching to achieve their cryptocurrency suspension this year.

Also joining Terra, is Yanolja, a favorite leisure platform. Terra will be presenting Yanolja with a blockchain-based payment system utilizing Terra's down platform Terra X. The purpose for Yanolja partnering with Terra is to overcome the proxy fee by about 1.5-2.5%. The savings on proxy fees will be reimbursed to consumers as a discount fee.

Terra is also seeing at building a "Terra Alliance" by suggesting further corporations and startups make use of their payment project.

Used assets marketplace startup Joonggonara which currently has over 16 million active users per month, will be attending at creating a sustained and transparent suspension by partnering with Actwo Lab.

Other favorite startups attending to complete blockchain technology enter bed and breakfast business Kozaza, as well as Watcha, the Korean television streaming service.

One of the most apparent advantages startups will see when implementing blockchain is the removal of agents, therefore cutting costs and saving customers money.

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