Japan’s GMO to start selling 7nm Bitcoin [BTC] mining chips from June

Japan’s GMO to start selling 7nm Bitcoin [BTC] mining chips from June

One of Japan’s internet organization has made arrangements to manufacture and sell 7nm Bitcoin mining chips and further plans to use it for its mining operations.

GMO Internet is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and is scheduled in the first part of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and conducts internet-related market.

The company described its proposals to sell 7nm Bitcoin Mining chips in its first-quarter returns plan. The organization is developing 2 versions of the chip named V1 and V2. The first version is the model of the mining chip, which the corporation plans to use for itself in mining operations and further sell to the public. V2 is entering an initial stage of development and will enter mass production later through the 4th quarter of the year.

An investor who is involved in the products can apply for early reservation. The company declared that the mining would run on store-based computers. The V1 card will begin operations on June while the v2 services would start through October.

A company spokesperson states:

“We can reveal that accepting reservation will start from Q2 onwards and launch will be Q4 onwards only at this moment.”

Torben, a Twitter user, states:

“Yes definitely involved in the GMO cards for plugging into store-bought mining computers and importing them into my country.”

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Janna another Twitter user states:

“this is it. Megacorps taking over and the individual or small mining group got fed up by industrial hitmen and position.”

Tristana a Reddit user says:

“Asia is really stepping up to accept cryptocurrency. They really want cryptocurrency to be known as a currency.”

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