Is Ethereum Dead?

Is Ethereum Dead?
Sep 09, 2018 05:00 PM By: Ben Noble | 11081 Views

A lot of men are asking the question, is Ethereum dead? In my belief, the answer is no. I would like to write this from a technical and fundamental perspective. But first, I want to go into the plan that I am using. If you follow me, you know my primary crypto investing/trading strategy is using steps in a martingale fashion to get a position.

Right now my regular price of entry is just above $300. This does not work if I had been laddering in from 800. My general cost would be in the 600 range more than expected. However, with a standard price of 300, we still have a lot of choices, and we can go up just as fast as we go down. If you are in my shoes, it’s very painful. If you are trading forex, stop-losses are necessary to use ladders; though, in crypto, I can go into hold method while we wait for a move up. Of course, this is risky if you think Ethereum could go to 0, but I do not believe that is the case. It also means you could be holding on to your Ether for an extended period.

First, why the run down? Is the solution just “because crypto”? Maybe the agreement seems to be, at this point, that ETH can’t scale. ETH was only good for ICOs, etc. If anyone has any other reasons, do share. It’s my feeling that I would instead be invested in Ethereum, crypto that has a view.



While Bitcoin is cool, Ethereum can do all the things BTC can, and do them better. BTC has just been about longer, so people have confidence in it. Think of it this way, what is supporting the dollar? (Yes, libertarians, I know the answer can be argued that it’s nothing.) The dollar has value because a country is supporting it, businesses use it, etc. It’s not just a means of exchange. I believe this is a vast distinction between BTC and Ethereum. ETH can run ICOs, apps, etc. What does BTC do? Just act as an exchange? There are plenty of long technical articles on the issue and differences between the two, but in short, that’s my 2 cents.

It makes little reason for ETH to be running down based on the ETH scalability issue or ICO issue.

1. Ethereum 2.0 is going to fix that and make ETH way better. Crypto, stocks, etc. are all based on what the future holds, and it’s not doing that way about ETH. The only cause I can think of is “because of crypto.”

2. Ethereum futures. Ok, this is why I think it’s ridiculous that so many people are short ETH right now. (See below: absurd chart). Last year BTC went from 4.8k to 3k, and futures were announced around the same time. The CBOE is waiting for permission from the CFTC to launch ETH futures. What if ETH makes the corresponding move BTC did? That would put us around the ATHs for ETH, around $1,400. My $300 ETH place is going to seem cheap if that occurs.

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