Grants for Blockchain and Smart Contract Research to be Issue By Tezos Foundation

Grants for Blockchain and Smart Contract Research to be Issue By Tezos Foundation

As per an official press release published on 9th August, to research institutions for Blockchain technology and smart contract advancement, the Tejas Foundation has declared that it will release financial grant. 
The grant will be provided to four research institutes namely Cornell University, Bira Interior University, University of Urbana-Champaign, and France-IOI, Press Release Notes by Tezos Foundation 
Cornell University's team can be led to advance a "protocol that can be applied to Tezos," paying particular attention to shading, a solution that connects to adaptability in Blockchain architecture and the University of Beira Interior in Portugal has grants for two projects. The first factories include event logging for robots. The second involves analyzing smart contracts in various programming languages.
France-IOI’s grant will aid the education and training of "present and future developers of Tezos," and the University of Illinois within decentralized et consulting LLC ("decet") is working on prepare online developer documents accessible to Tezos ecosystem. 
At the beginning of this summer, the Tezos Foundation stated that in August, research proposals would be called through the open grants process.
 The Company last month has declared that international professional services, Headquarters in London include Huge PwC, that will be handling an external audit of the company's finances, Cointelegraph on July 24 broadcast.

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