France's state secret sold for Bitcoin by security agent

France's state secret sold for Bitcoin by security agent

A French security executive is arrested for selling private data in the dark web for Bitcoin.

A protection agent working for France’s General Directorate for Internal Security (GDIS) is arrested for selling private information in the dark web, in trade for Bitcoin, The Next Web announced.

The research found out that no terrorist organizations were linked and that the buyers were statisticians or members from related crime groups. This is quite helpful, regarding the nature of the data as “confidential defense” and that it is available by limited people with a particular level of allowance only.  

Following the guidance from the Judicial Police that found the information losses in the first place, the GDIS attended an internal investigation by following the computer activity of their affiliates using the individual code that each of them is assigned with. The operator who was identified as the offender was finally arrested on September 26th.

For his offense, the agent, whose name is not disclosed, is suffering up to seven years jail and a fine of $115,000.

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