Former US Senator Elad Roisman Sworn into SEC Today

Former US Senator Elad Roisman Sworn into SEC Today

Elad L. Roisman, he was a Chief Counsel at United State Senate has held up his new role as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) next being declared in by SEC chairman, Jay Clayton.

As reported new by Crypto-News India, Roisman was confirmed after following several years as a chief adviser at the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. The former Senator will have some challenges ahead of him as he sets about “renewing” the SEC’s vision about cryptocurrencies and the possibility of accepting cryptocurrency ETFs.

On occasion, he had stated, “This (SEC’s vision) is most recently manifested in areas such as data security and emerging technologies such as Initial Coin Offerings and blockchain. It is necessary that the SEC approach these new difficulties in a fair and transparent manner, provide transparency and certainty to the markets and investors, and make the laws and regulations that hold market participants accountable.”

Mr. Roisman was called to the SEC by current US President Donald Trump, and his selection was confirmed by the US Senate last week.

Welcoming Roisman to the SEC, Clayton stated, “It is my honor to welcome Elad back to the Commission. Elad’s broad experience and previous work at the Commission will assist Main Street investors and our markets well.”

It should be noted that Roisman had new worked with the SEC for a brief amount of time when he had worked Council to Commissioner Daniel Gallagher. It also supports that Roisman is very pro-crypto and that certainly will help ease concerns about crypto regulation at the SEC.

Talking about his appointment, the newly sworn-in Commissioner Roisman stated, “I am excited to have the opportunity to be back working with the talented and hardworking people at the SEC, as well as with my fellow Commissioners.  look forward to engaging with them and the public to carry out the SEC’s important mission.”

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