Could we really compare Bitcoin to Mastercard?

Could we really compare Bitcoin to Mastercard?

Bitcoin is compared to Mastercard, and the effect is quite remarkable. 

The recent market crash and Bitcoin price fall doesn’t make crypto, in this case, Bitcoin is less appealing concerning its abilities, even when associated with Mastercard.

While Visa merely is out of reach, with its $30 billion daily transfer and seasonal transfer value of $11 trillion, Mastercard is supposed to be “still within” the scope of the biggest and oldest cryptocurrency.

With about $8 billion in the state of daily transfer, even when the current crash, Bitcoin is just somewhat behind Mastercard that has $11 billion cost to transfer on a consistent basis.

According to Bitcoin Exchange Guide, through 2018 alone, Mastercard is described to have given about $4.4 trillion, whereas Bitcoin is regarding $3 billion in total.

The numbers really show that Mastercard’s managing by any aspects, however, staring at how long both things have been around, it’s quite shocking to see that the gaps are pretty close.

To put as a remark, Mastercard has been about for decades, while Bitcoin just went mainstream in 2016.

Another logical information about the way is similar to the transaction speed of both entities. Bitcoin’s transaction speed is way lower related to Mastercard, although it has an advantage when it happens to the product of value in each transfer.

As for the other cryptocurrencies, none of them can face with either Bitcoin or Mastercard yet, let alone Visa about total business value.

To achieve, despite the crash and all the struggles, the fact that Bitcoin still reaches a chance when connected to the world-renowned payment system shows a sight of how cryptocurrency is here to visit.

It will not go everywhere, and who knows, it force overtake Mastercard's site as one of the most used instructions systems in the world one day. 

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