Co-founder of Google, Sir Richard Branson Discover Blockchain “fascinating"

Co-founder of Google, Sir Richard Branson Discover Blockchain “fascinating"

In a Blockchain conference hosted by Sir Richard Branson (According to Business Insider) at Morocco, The co-founder mentioned that he has been mining Ethereum with his son. He also accepted that Google missed out on leading the blockchain movement.

He stated:

“A year or two ago, my son insisted that we needed to get a gaming PC. I told him, Okay if we get a gaming PC, we have to mine cryptocurrency. So we set up an ethereum miner on there, and we’ve made a few pennies, a few dollars since.”

He also feels great potential in the blockchain technology and starts to look into it. He also claimed that he found the blockchain technology “fascinating.” . He also states that he do not know much about cryptocurrency. But he see very extra potential in this technology.

Brin said: “I see the future as taking these…research-y, out-there ideas and making them real.”

Brin admitted that Google is the bit slow to exploring Blockchain Technology. He is currently the president at Alphabet. Google’s parent company, mentioned that “[Google] failed to be on the bleeding edge” when it comes to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

A Google spokesman said:

“Like many new technologies, we have individuals in various teams exploring potential uses of blockchain but it’s way too early for us to speculate about any possible uses or plans.”

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