China’s Oldest Tech and Science Magazine Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

China’s Oldest Tech and Science Magazine Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments
Oct 01, 2018 10:07 PM By: Ben Noble | 2498 Views

Although cryptocurrencies are banned in China, insider experts have suggested that Chinese citizens are yet investing in cryptocurrencies. Beijing’s oldest technology magazine, Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR), is now accepting Bitcoin as its official form of payment.

Beijing’s oldest science and technology journal “Technology Life” by the publisher Sci-Tech Report has just stated that they will accept Bitcoin as payment for the following year’s 2019 subscriptions for their magazine. The public information for it describes that this step is necessary to encourage mainstream adoption.

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The price for a one-year subscription to ‘Technology Life’ will be 0.01 Bitcoin. All interested participants and subscribers can purchase the annual subscription by paying the amount to the newspaper’s Bitcoin address.

To deal with Bitcoin volatility issue, the publication provides a new policy for readers who subscribe through Bitcoin. If the value of Bitcoin increases significantly by 2020, the journal will refund the difference to the user.

The Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR) is arguably one of the oldest technology-based magazine publishers in China. Through their publications, interested parties have been provided with the newest news from the technology sector for further than 50 years. A few years ago, the umbrella brand also bought the famous US publication “Popular Science.”

The range of blockchain technology, as high as trust in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is growing and growing with each of these small steps. A Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot is more pushing its way into the international limelight. The company recently stated that it latest watch model could only be purchased with Bitcoin. The Hublot brand has been referenced numerous times by favorite American rappers like Jay-Z, one of the world’s wealthiest celebrities who has been associated to popularize luxury brands.

We are seeing forward to seeing what additional action companies across the world will take to become part of the new ecosystem as well.

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