BTC and ETH might not be the only cryptos in Fidelity, says CEO

BTC and ETH might not be the only cryptos in Fidelity, says CEO
Nov 29, 2018 11:21 PM By: Art Vasquez | 1624 Views

Last month, their decision of a platform for institutional investors made a lot of positive expectations. Tom Jessop, the CEO, states now there will be more to it than just Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The digital assets part of Fidelity, a multinational financial services corporation which manages assets further than $2 trillion, will be including more cryptocurrencies in their program, according to declarations by Tom Jessop at the Block FS discussion today in New York, as described by CoinDesk.

Jessop confirmed the formation due to popular demand from their more than 13,000 institutional clients.

He did not name the cryptos to be joined but did give a hint when saying that “there is demand for the next four or five in the rank of market cap order. So we will be staring at that”.

Right now, that would suggest that XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Eos, and Litecoin might end up doing part of Fidelity’s digital asset supply.

While not being specifically an exchange, clients of Fidelity will have access to a trade execution platform, custodial functions, and advice from company specialists. The addition of new coins in their service seems like big concrete news to be taken into account.



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