Bloomberg trolls crypto: 'Warren Buffett has the last laugh on Bitcoin'

Bloomberg trolls crypto: 'Warren Buffett has the last laugh on Bitcoin'

The Bloomberg news company, which has a dedicated team of crypto journalists, headlined different article where they 'troll' cryptocurrencies and crypto investors.

The Bloomberg title about bitcoin yesterday was: 'Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett Have the Last Laugh on Bitcoin,' a thing that repeats, yet again, all of the remarks made by Dimon and Buffet in regards to their views on Bitcoin.

Nothing new there. Nothing crypto investors haven't listened before. However, the tone of the article is slightly distinct this time around.

'The cryptocurrency authorities, who didn’t see this happening, are charging all sorts of temporary offenders — from jittery markets too hard forks. But they’re kidding themselves. This is a long-term unraveling of all of the lies, distortion and populist visions that made last year’s market mania.'

Most of the time a touch of criticism isn't bad at all, but as Clifford N Lazarus once stated 'It's better used sparingly, as a great spice in cooking. Too much seasoning and the dish will be surprised by it.'

But, this Bloomberg article appears to be 'surprised' with too much of it.

'Bitcoin was intended to make all of its investors rich, something that held special appeal to a millennial generation hungry for a financial boost in a world of overwhelming student debt, income inequality and low-quality jobs. It was determined to be free of Wall Street’s fraud and the U.S. government’s meddling technocrats.'

'It was intended to be secure, with a value that would go even longer.'

'It was intended to show that we should all stop hearing to fuddy-duddy experts like Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffett, and Jack Bogle. The buying pressure of the crowds would usurp the old, closed ways of investing.'

'Cryptocurrency’s economic mistakes are explaining.'

'Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett Have the Last Laugh on Bitcoin'

'For the patsies who came late to the party, it has been a mechanism of financial impoverishment.'

Rogue Trader from abacusjournal determined to call Bloomberg out.

'These articles are an obligation to a media company that can afford better and more knowledgeable contributors and copy. It is offensive, and that is why we are asking them out.'

'Engaging in the mockery of a society dedicated to technology, finance, and engineering to produce the next ‘super asset class’ is lowered and beneath them.'

'Do better Bloomberg, do better.'

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