Bitcoin Lightning Network is improving, it reaches its all-time high in capacity

Bitcoin Lightning Network is improving, it reaches its all-time high in capacity

Lightning Network capacity grows significantly; more retailers are using it for their Bitcoin payment. 

The team after the Lightning Network has been working seriously on enhancing its capacity, despite the limited coverage they get.

The number of nodes is inscribed to have given to over 4,000, or 4,160 to be exact, as of work time.

The network capacity has also increased with a large percentage of 297% compared to last month to 444.17 Bitcoin or almost $2 million.

The merchants using the services also vary, from website that sells various gift cards and cell phone credit top up, company that develops Bitcoin-related apps, VPN provider, to e-commerce website that sells clothing.

Among them, the top 5 merchants are Bitrefill, Blockstream, HodlMonkey, TorGuard VPN, and Living Room of Satoshi, according to the data from 1ML.

Aside from the above merchants, many crypto-unrelated businesses worldwide that accept Bitcoin as payment using Lightning Network has been reported multiple times, such as Energy Kitchen, a new restaurant in Bern, Switzerland and ROOM77, a bar located in Berlin, Germany.

Various use-cases of the Lightning Network are also developed by different people, with the latest Microsoft Excel plugin that allows users to send and receive Bitcoin while working on their sheet built by a renowned software engineer, Pierre Rochard or a soda vending machine developed by a Spanish hardware hacker, Ricardo Reis.

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