An another Chapter: John McAfee vs HitBTC

An another Chapter: John McAfee vs HitBTC

The Another news comes of John McAfee vs HitBTC, After supposedly refused to his complains by exchange, John McAfee filed a Legal file against HitBTC.

As he dooming the some “inhumane” actions of governments who put th ban on cryptocurrency so he becomes the voice of the cryptocurrency community. He is a respected programmer whose Antivirus known as McAfee.

John McAfee States: “HITBTC has not responded to our requests. We are preparing a legal complaint against HITBTCs service provider and against HITBTC. If you have an issue with HITBTC, then please send details to:”

As first stated by McAfee was that crypto exchanges are connected to banks and governments. He added that to take down the whole system (despotic government policies), trades must first be taken down. He said he singled out HitBTC because they are the worst

He also states he had sent eleven letters to HitBTC, however, he has not been replied.

“I have sent eleven empassioned letters to @hitbtc and received only one response. Is it our fault? CEO of Docademic, Mr. Charles Nader warned the CEO of Hitbtc three months prior to these unnecessary deaths. You tell me sir, who is responsible?”

Response of it HitBTC Sent a Get Well Soon message to the John McAfee.

Recently, McAfee released his “unhackable wallet”, Bitfi. The earlier batch of the wallet, according to him, sold out in less than a minute.

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