Amidst the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] split dispute, Abra wallet opens its doors

Amidst the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] split dispute, Abra wallet opens its doors
Sep 13, 2018 09:00 PM By: Ben Noble | 6831 Views

On 12th September, one of the only cryptocurrency wallet applicability that supports 28 cryptocurrencies declared its partnership for the 4th largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. BCH can now be collected, deposited or withdrawn from the Abra wallet. The program also added that one could support their Abra wallet with Bitcoin Cash from wherever in the world. In its official Twitter statement, Abra wrote:

“We are pleased to announce that now you can deposit and withdraw bitcoin cash on Abra! Watch our CEO @billbarhydt and @rogerkver talk about the announcement and on all things #BCH @BITCOlNCASH @BitcoinCashFans.”

The much-discussed hard fork of Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash was created a year ago due to the conflicts of ideas within the BTC area. At present, some of the famous enthusiasts of Bitcoin Cash in the blockchain space are the CEO of, Roger Ver, Chief Scientist at nChain, Dr. Craig Wright, the Founder of the mining giant Bitmain, Jihan Wu, and a businessman called Calvin Ayre.

However, the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is again suffering a conflictual condition with the members of the association requiring a further split of the blockchain. The new hard fork of Bitcoin Cash can follow the ideas of each of the two parties: Roger Ver and Jihan Wu with their new Wormhole order or Craig Wright an Calvin Ayre with the nChain implementation of BCH.

Many have challenged Wu headed Bitmain to have performed as an alternate for Bitcoin Cash. Recently, a developer from the Bitcoin Core community named Jimmy Song came forth at the blockchain journey held in Spain to speak about the shortcomings of BCH. The main point mentioned by him was that the BCH ecosystem is centralized, hence, defeating the object of the blockchain.

LitecoinMonkey, a visible Litecoin member and cryptocurrency supporter shared an acknowledgment on the BCH listing on Abra. The Twitter user replied:

“Good way for @AbraGlobal to make money off @BITMAINtech / Ver dumps. It's a win-win. Bch dumps, Abra makes fees, Coin revenue from switched coins stays on the exchange, adds to transactional volume on smart contracts for #Ltc #BTC @Excellion @SatoshiLite @fluffypony @WhalePanda thoughts?”

Another cryptocurrency investor and Abra member showed disapproval and commented:

“This news seriously makes me want to cancel my account. Definitely won’t be adding any more funds.”

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