22,000 BTC moved to Bitfinex cold wallet

22,000 BTC moved to Bitfinex cold wallet
Oct 12, 2018 10:00 AM By: Ben Noble | 2886 Views

Data from Blockchain.com reveals that just over 22,000 BTC was recently moved in one transaction. The payment went to a wallet connected with the Bitfinex exchange.

At current market prices, the 22,000 BTC migrated is worth around $138 million. This is likely the project of a Bitcoin fish, and it could probably have a massive impact on the crypto market one way or different.

The evolution of this massive amount of Bitcoin also corresponded about with BTC's recent $10 billion drops in market cap, which followed in the wake of yesterday's major stock market dive.

Columnists on Twitter had differing ideas on what this could mean for crypto, as well as obtaining some points compared to the size of the transaction.

Not exactly sure if this was sell off as 22k $BTC is huge and current drop is nothing compared to that volume, 
But just for your information. here you go ! pic.twitter.com/0MDtBjdMh1
— Paisa $TRX (@cryptobaa) October 11, 2018

we just seen 22k btc headed towards the market. earlier today you called for the chance of a bear trap if I am not mistaken. Do you still have the same thoughts?
— Nunavut (@Nunavutt) October 11, 2018

For #BCH supporters 
This one has moved 22K #BTC and the fee is only 0.00000571 BTC !! #BTC is #Bitcoin , #BCH is scamhttps://t.co/YuXeT3OkPk pic.twitter.com/2zbsR0cK6a
— Youcef Mohamed

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