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Too many ICOs?

Posted on : April-12-2018 04:12:18

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Do you feel lately there have been too many ICOs that have entered in the market? 
How do you perceive this? Does it portray that crypto is getting popular everyday now?
Or does it mean that its just a trending business nowadays and people who are founding/investing on these ICOs are just using these to make billions themselves with the sole purpose of profit and not enough invention is being offered?

Ben Noble Activity :# 1

Saturday 21st of April 2018 04:11:02 PM

Everyone is trying to bring some idea of their own to the blockchain technology. And somebody tries to just make money on simpletons, that's why there are a lot of Ico.

anny Activity :# 4

Saturday 21st of April 2018 03:21:19 PM

Many ICO are fake. Please read this article before investing in any article . https://www.icolancer.com/news/how-to-avoid-scam-icos