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April 21, 2018 Manila, Philippines

Series of Fantastic Traders Fairs and Gala Nights is going to take place in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore attracting the world of traders to one place during in one day. Top speakers are going to make educational speeches in the Fair seminar halls. The Fair program is going to be full of entertainments, magic shows, lucky draws, fantastic prizes, live performances and music. 


Armenian Blockchain Forum

April 22, 2018 Yerevan, Armenia

The First Armenian Blockchain Forum is an initial step to the high-tech ecosystem.The Armenian government confirmed the idea of creation a free economic zone (FEZ) for a modern high-tech center, Armenia’s Silicon Valley. The new cluster’s primary objective will be to organise and regulate unique infrastructure for developing technological projects from around the world in Armenia.  

The goal of the project is to make Armenia an attractive world-class technology center and create an ecosystem which would be comfortable for business people and investors, offering all the infrastructure services, from educational and communications programs to digital sites securely attracting investment to the projects.

The Texas Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference

April 23, 2018 Houston, United States

The event, attended by over 100 qualified families and family offices executives, brings together families seeking cutting edge education and enables an exchange of knowledge and experience with similar families.

We are inviting select partners to seize the opportunity and interact with an exclusive group of senior Single Family Office and Multi Family Office investment executives, private investors and family members. Each representative is personally invited and vetted by DC Finance.

Through a series of panel sessions and presentations, the Texas Family Office & Wealth Management Conferences will cover topics related to the following subjects, as well as other areas of interest and concern to affluent families:

  •  The Global Macro Economy
  •  Traditional and Alternative Investing (dedicated panels will cover investments in Oil & Gas, High Tech, Real Estate and Art)
  • Emergy
  • Legal & Tax Issues
  • Personal & Financial Security and other Lifestyle Issues
  • Washington/Legislation/Fed Policy
  • International Trends and Developments for Family Offices
  • Family Office Governance
  • Successfully Managing Family Dynamics
  • Accounting and Tax Strategies
  • Philanthropy

BlockShow Europe Meetups: Zurich

April 24, 2018 Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland - the home of Crypto Valley and one of the strongest Blockchain ecosystems of the world. It would be a big mistake not to come here during this massive trip - and there’s no way we can allow it!

Bitcoin meetup (with presentations)

April 24, 2018 San Francisco, United States

Every last Tuesday of the month, we'll be hosting speaker(s) or a panel session to highlight various projects and topics in the world of bitcoin. We will also have time for 1-minute long lighting talks for anyone who signs up. All speakers will be live streamed, and the remainder of the evening will be for networking and socializing!


April 23-26, 2018 Lyon, France

Everything is affected by the digital revolution. The opportunities for interdisciplinary digital health research bringing together computer science to dramatically improve public health, global health and wellbeing of individuals and populations globally are extraordinary.

Recent technological advances enabled by creation of real-time big data streams, social media, participatory and context-aware systems and infectious disease modelling are the focus of public health informatics.

Crypto Economy ICO 2018

April 26, 2018 Singapore, Singapore

Crypto Economy ICO 2018 Singapore is a single-track event and completely focused on the presenters, who appear on stage in 5-minute sessions. The event supports the purpose, objectives and key messages of your briefings, either for the press or analysts.

With many new Initial Coin Offerings or Token Sales coming to the market,  Crypto Economy ICO 2018 Singapore will enhance and accelerate your marketing efforts. The event will channel easily digestible information on your ICO or Token Sales, centred around tailor-made marketing and PR-campaigns.

Smart Health 2018

April 26-27, 2018 Las Vegas, United States

Smart Health 2018 brings to you the top-notch healthcare IT conference about the latest information on how technology is changing the face of healthcare in America. The top healthcare conference highlights the use of IoT, Machine Learning, VR, and Big Data in the healthcare industry in America and how it is proving beneficial to create an entirely different healthcare sector.


MAHAbfic (Maharashtra - Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency) Pune

April 28, 2018 Pune, India

The MAHAbfic (Maharashtra - Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency) is is the only platform to promote investment in the "State of Maharashtra" as the THE Ideal Destination for investment in Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency.

It is an ideal event to network with Blockchain, Fintech, ICO, Cyrpto currency industry experts. The expected profile of attendees will be Business leaders, Community leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Angel Investors, Students, Government officials.

Global Disruptive Innovation Summit (GDIS)

May 01, 2018 Los Angeles, United States

Global Disruptive Innovation Summit (GDIS)  aims to bring the state-of-the-art innovations to 1500+ researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and everyone all over the world. With brilliant and inventive scholars, scientists, and industrial leaders from China, America, and worldwide; through information and experiences exchange, the theme of GDIS 2018 focuses on the forefront of decentralized technology, Blockchain, which is also the most controversial topic at present.

GDIS: The Era of Blockchain, intends to reveal the opportunities, challenges, regulations as well as impacts of the neutral technology, Blockchain, for next decades in different fields. We gather experts from different areas (including finance, commercial, social network, education, healthcare, etc) to form heated discussions on these vertical fields.


April 30-02, 2018 Cleveland, United States

A new joint initiative of Health 2.0 and HIMSS, the Dev4Health Conference has been created by innovators for innovators to bring together hundreds of developers, innovator leaders, designers, and tech enthusiasts to share and accelerate new ideas to enable healthier communities through hands-on demonstrations, education, and networking. 

Dev4Health brings you top-tier “boots on the ground” panel discussions, interactive labs, and technical talks to help developers build on emerging digital health technologies and trends and navigate within an open source API ecosystem. There’s something for everyone: from how to build healthcare applications across multiple platforms to data interoperability and security, and insight on the biggest developer programs, you’ll learn from the top innovators and thought leaders in the space.

Blockchain in Healthcare Congress

May 03-04, 2018 London, United Kingdom

Blockchain in Healthcare Congress will be co-located with the Global Cyber Security in Healthcare & Pharma Summit. Blockchain is the one of the most talked about technologies of 2017. With the potential to revolutionise the healthcare industry, it is crucial to first understand the nature of blockchain technology, to distinguish the hype from the reality and then to see real-world case studies of how blockchain can be, and is being, applied to healthcare systems.


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