About Icolancer

Icolancer is a leading digital media platform with an objective to provide the latest news, information, and updates pertaining to digital assets and blockchain technology. Icolancer has an emerging presence as a dominant news media outlet with a dedicated team of professionals who promise to build a trusted brand of Crypto-news.

Icolancer reaches a great number of unique visitors each day and has highly acknowledged presence among the social media users. It also has the most widely sourced Price Index for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Dash , Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies

ICO Calendar and ICO Listing

Icolancer is renowned for its ICO Calendar listing which is a leading platform for upcoming ICOs to advance and popularise their projects. The team at Icolancer states that they promise to enlist the most capable ICOs in its Calendar. The website reaches out and gives space to all those projects, which are ambitious, highly absorbed and passionate.

The Icolancer team mentions that before listing they make sure that the project is profoundly capable and not a scam. They say that once they validate its credentials and are extremely positive about its potential, only after it suffices a strong chance of listing. So far, they have given exposure to quite a few numbers of ICOs and all these projects have experienced increased spotlight for their platform.